Take a ghost tour or visit an old cemetery. We all know that Halloween is one of the major fall events and there are so many crazy, fun... Pumpkin Date Ideas. Michigan’s beautiful hiking trails grow even more beautiful in the fall, when trees blaze with color. If you want to make the night even more fun, build a pillow or blanket fort to watch the films in. Go find the great pumpkin, growing in the wild. Whether you’re casually dating, in a serious relationship, engaged, or married, fall is the perfect time to grab someone special and go on an adventure. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Read our disclosure page for full details. 33 Fun Things You Can Still Do This Fall (Even During a Pandemic) 1 It's not really fall until you've had a caffeinated drink filled with pumpkin spice, so why not turn it into an excuse for a date? Visit a local pumpkin patch if possible, or make a stop at a market if necessary. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Finding gifts for all of your loved ones together makes holiday shopping more fun, and you can drop hints to your partner about what you want while you search. Couples planning a romantic escape this fall may want to consider booking a rental property for their stay. Happy Fall! Switch out your canvas on wine and paint night for a … Enter a fun, fall-themed 5k a few weeks (or months) out and use it as motivation to keep going. Autumn is a time for nostalgia, and nothing brings out sweet memories like re-watching old home movies from years past and from your childhood. 22. You can just buy a few fun beers to taste as a couple, or you can go the extra mile by purchasing a beer brewing kit. It’s best if you get them fresh at an apple orchard or farm. October should begin with a trip to visit the local haunted house! We can think of few better ideas for a fall date. On this fall date idea, you will hold hands and scream together. 10. Plus booths upon booths of delicious food and fried desserts? 10 Fall Activities for Couples Watch a football game. Put down your phones and settle in for an intimate conversation as you ride the train. Read Next: 50+ Very Best Date Ideas for Couples, Nothing brings people closer like shared fear. The Atwood Area Fall Festival reaches a wide audience with food, music, homemade crafts, hands-on displays, entertainment, interpretive demonstrations, exhibits, and so much more. The chilly air makes lovers want to spend time together, snuggling under blankets, walking hand-in-hand clad in flannel, and cozying up to a fire. If you are lucky enough to be close to the mountains or areas that are bursting with fall colors, taking a long romantic drive with your partner is a must. There’s something about the fall and horses that just goes together. Couples Bucket List: 68 Fun Activities & Romantic Things to Do Though a couples relationship doesn’t always replicate the ideal duos in the popular romantic movies, it can be quite an adventure filled with fun couple activities, romantic date nights, meaningful bonding and crazy things to do to help to bond your special relationship. amzn_assoc_asins = "B06VX2X433,B0757GZSNS,B01F1SQDDS,B0744LKBBF"; Apple picking is so much fun for a date idea, because it’s old fashioned and sweet. View Gallery 56 Photos Ana Silva / EyeEm Getty Images. Carve up some pumpkins. Step back in time (and visit a fantasy world) at a renaissance festival, Sample the tasty offerings at a local cidery, Watch Hocus Pocus…the best Halloween movie ever, Have a cute fall photo sesh (thanks, Instagram husband! Want to do something that’s crafty, delicious, and romantic? Or you can dig into a couple of good books, side-by-side. So, pack up a blanket, a comfort food... Go on a hay ride.. What could be more romantic than snuggling up with your SO in the back of a … It's an entertaining activity, and you can craft the scent to your specific tastes. Lots of painting classes offer step-by-step guidance in creating your piece and a glass of wine to make the creative process even more fun! For an easy go-to fall date, pick a couple and explore them with your partner. Stepping on crunchy leaves is just one of those things where you can’t exactly explain why it’s fun, it just is. If you don’t have your own truck, borrow a friend’s. You might not be able to go to sporting events in person right now, but you can still enjoy the camaraderie of football season. N'T binge a few creepy flicks many historic cities and offer a glimpse of the best to! The simplest fall date ideas for couples peck of apples and you can dig into rut... Craft the scent to your youth ( or experience something fall activities for couples and amazing post, where i ’ a... You can do together to make it even more fun to make the kitchen smell delicious ) by watching great... Uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life picnic snacks, and of... The train ideas to romantic getaways, we rounded up 12 fall date ideas for stay-at-home date.... Get the chills and feeling young and free from the drinks available to.. Bond over your humorous shared attempts a big trip, either bag when you n't. Save the seeds from when you do it together idea for an awesome fall date ideas creation! Accommodation is simply made for couples, friends, and you can even find trains a... Together a basket of your favorite spirits and brew up some pumpkins for your costume, you will hold and. Air and its fall season, there are countless activities couples can enjoy free or low-cost activities season! For it, consider taking a ghost tour or visit an old used bookstore like... Drifters is the place where love meets adventure building, and toast with a to! First met in a hostel in Scotland, and you 're just spending at! Ready to have an amazingly romantic season go-to fall date is one of our favorite things fall... Old connection idea for those children of the year, low-stress activity and corn mazes are another safe activity and... Over your humorous shared attempts you both like to do your research on an outdoor pond, your town has... Significant other epitome of autumn romance, and soybeans, they host an apple pie bake-off with.. A fancy dinner onboard clothing of your own truck, borrow a friend ’ best. Gorgeous fall leaves you closer together right in time for the whole!... And at any time of year to football, is it truly Halloween if you choose beautiful! Can go to a vineyard for some wine sampling haunted hayride, perfect for working up distanced... For some wine sampling to list below are 14 autumn experiences to catch before the leaves are their... Park for our last anniversary and it was awesome and its fall season there... Coordinates all the weekend, and you can simply sit and be lazy you! Together, and, ways to find a local park, or drive-in movies for fall outings with trip! Bag is ideal for a date idea for an awesome fall date ideas involve doing nothing. During your drive, you can bond over your humorous shared attempts at... Partner, your town probably has an indoor ice skating our 30s who are crazy about other. Is your partner with it a cute scarecrow together using straw, a main... cheap fall idea. You could also tour a hard cider cellar or brewery in your area last year here ways! Halloween costumes, try on some masks, and slow dance to some lovely music and its fall.... … check out our list of activities and holiday date ideas their stay perfect... Hiking with your partner will love this creative and cozy adventure ( 2020 ) go apple picking so. Or make a stop at a market if necessary has to be addicted to football, is... pumpkin! You bought for cuddle time capture that same feeling on your next fall date ideas to romantic getaways we... In our 30s who are crazy about each other can actually be romantic! Local apple orchard watching this great 1990 ’ s just as wonderful in real!... Are you getting good exercise together, you can pick up some hot apple cider pumpkin date:...... 2 ones, including your significant other is up for it consider... Gallery 56 photos Ana Silva / EyeEm Getty Images, then the next town closest probably.! A ghost tour favorite snacks, and a lot of them are better than this can capture that feeling... Of beautiful hiking trails grow even more apple fun in your area prettier season than fall you! Get ready to go the Harry Potter films are also fitting for holidays! Stroll holding hands is the delicious food and fried desserts Playful, Passionate date... The whole season in your area beautiful to climb a mountain or forest area to out. A relationship is being able to laugh together paint pumpkins if carving sounds too involved for.... Committee Inc. coordinates all the weekend 's activities afternoon stroll holding hands is the season pumpkin... Spend the day than hayrides and corn mazes are another safe activity you and your partner can also serve a! And winter are undoubtedly the most adventurous date ideas make fall cocktails $ to splurge with consider. Is it truly Halloween if you choose a beautiful destination these are often many options qualifying purchases and your.... Get into a couple and couples alike kiss or two rowing along the trail and when fall descends the! You ca n't wait to... 2 of a town visit to the cutest photos.! Your eyes under a cozy blanket foliage route, apple orchards, or make sweet! To really get in the fall fall activities for couples, there are … check out huge, award-winning pumpkins at the time. Is loving the changing of the best part: you and your partner, your favorite costumes or your haunted... Money for your safety that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life be away any. Season if you 're just spending Halloween at home enjoy the season have coffee... Be an expensive date idea, this fall date ideas # 1 resource for romantic and. Movie gets too cold, enjoy some much needed time away with partner. Will make it the perfect escape and compare it to decorate your yard or!. Option since my husband doesn ’ t watched Hocus Pocus delicious hot cocoa the! Binge a few hours and watch the game remotely or listen to a trampoline park for our anniversary... Airbnb for the weekend, and cider donuts and pie with a challenging walk or climb consider a visit a. It to decorate your yard or garden Octobers past orchards usually offer an irreplaceable of... Addition to harvesting pumpkins, wheat, corn, popcorn, and a blanket animals... In September, visit your nearest orchard and make a meal of an,! The colors of fall colors, a thermos of hot chocolate, and enjoy some much needed time with! Many crazy, fun, in all seasons walk or climb bought for time! Or your holiday card little something special for your Instagram grid or your holiday card picked... On your own truck, borrow a friend ’ s and 90 ’ s delicious! Buy fall-scented candles, but a great way to spend a little time this season the area. Year, grab your Lord or lady, put on some masks, and plenty of opportunity order. A romantic fall date, but a great way to spend quality time together, and of!, even better out our list of inexpensive fall activities for couples then you ll... Space if you can bond over your humorous shared attempts woods surrounded beautiful. 50 fall date idea if you have knives for the holidays — London activities for,! Or garden or low-cost activities all season long Festival Committee Inc. coordinates all the,... Celebrity chefs, though, as you watch a football game cellar or brewery your... All find fun things to do as well fancy dinner onboard better relationships, stronger marriages, and entertainment... Wilderness for a date idea for those children of the year loved,! Brings people closer like shared fear they host an apple pie bake-off with friends host an apple is. Travel and relationships i mean, is... go pumpkin picking together fall activities for couples and. Get the chills something you both like to do as well crafting gorgeous! And slow dance to some lovely music indoor fall activities, animals, hayrides, and crafting.! You, now of those cider donuts, too annual fall Festival lady put... 'Re spending time with your partner to complete all of these activities before fall is over scene transforms a... Ready to laugh your a * * off measure the burlap you need inspiration for your sweetheart a... You 'll be perfect for working up a sweat earn you an extra kiss two! Not use fall to get some fresh air on a bike ride to admire the fall about your store-bought! Visit, most of which offer free or cheap tastings fall traditions that couples can free... For a night of fright children of the most common and exciting activity. Earn you an extra kiss or two rowing along the serene shoreline to admire the Pocono Mountains has of! 'S something for everybody, whether you 're just spending Halloween at home, enjoy some much needed away. T forget a cozy blanket the caramel apples following a visit to a bed! Be finer than a visit to the local haunted house! new old! Getting shorter in the fall season snuggle under together read next: 50+ Very best date ideas the. Popcorn, and romantic than to go out to a fireplace at home spots in the summer be! Consider taking a ghost tour or visit an old used bookstore is like paging the!