Courses, webinars, and online events, in your region or worldwide. When the fracture occurs at the epiphyseal plate or the growth plate of the bone, then it is called as the Salter Harris Fracture. In these fractures the metaphyseal fracture zone is displaced and multifragmentary. Epiphysis definition is - a part or process of a bone that ossifies separately and later becomes ankylosed to the main part of the bone; especially : an end of a long bone. The epiphyseal plate (or epiphysial plate, physis, or growth plate) is a hyaline cartilage plate in the metaphysis at each end of a long bone.It is the part of a long bone where new bone growth takes place; that is, the whole bone is alive, with maintenance remodeling throughout its existing bone tissue, but the growth plate is the place where the long bone grows longer (adds length). A bone fracture, also called a broken bone, is a condition in which there is a disruption in the continuity or structure of the bone. ... epiphyseal fracture; epiphyseal fracture; epiphyseal fracture; Epiphyseal growth plates; Epiphyseal growth plates; epiphyseal hyperplasia; Epiphyseal ischemic necrosis; Courses and events. Most common overall Epiphyseal Fracture (75% of Epiphyseal Fractures) Similar to Type 1. ses 1. epiphyseal meaning: 1. relating to the epiphysis (= the rounded end of a long bone where it joins another bone): 2…. Fracture through the physis with separation of physis from metaphysis; Unlike Type I, has a small metaphysis triangle Fracture (Fracture exit site) Bony Fracture triangular fragment known as … Type 3 epiphyseal fractures run vertically or obliquely through the epiphyses and then extend as a transverse fracture into the physes. ses 1. al , epiphyseal ( ep'i-fiz'ē-ăl ), Avoid the mispronunciation epiphyse'al . This can lead to serious complications and disturbances. Salter Harris Fracture is one of the common fractures that are seen. Learn more. This is one of the most important and critical fractures seen among people. Pediatric Skeletal Trauma Family physicians managed two epiphyseal fractures involving the finger (both type II), two involving the toe (types III and IV), and one involving the distal radius (type I). It is combined with a fracture of one of the tuberosities. ... Axial and coronal MRI views showing a Salter-Harris III epiphyseal fracture. Simple fractures of the distal femur with an epiphyseal fragment (Salter-Harris III) are classified as 33-E/3.1. The end of a long bone that is originally separated from the main bone by … These interruptions can be as simple as a hairline or stress fracture, leading only to tiny cracks disturbing the framework of the bone, or as complicated as a complete break, in which the bone is fragmented into two or more pieces. Definition.