XY Scatter Area Charts - Fill Below XY Series, XY Scatter Area Charts - Fill Between XY Series, Line and Fill Effects in Excel Charts Using VBA, Line and Fill Effects in Excel Radar Charts Using VBA. For example, a run chart may show colored bands to indicate standard deviations of a process value from the mean. Hi! google_ad_slot = "3653883320"; I have download the file, I am using 2007, and the chart on "VBA Technique" is not changing color while updating the values of Col C. This tutorial shows how to construct such a chart. add a similar line to each WorksheetActivate event With Microsoft Excel and several other software products, you can display quantitative data in the form of a heatmap. More fill possibilities are made possible than merely filling below a series, as in an area chart: the fill can go below or to the side of the series, and in fact, an enclosed region in the chart can be filled. The method is also simple.