He served both as an Independent and as a Liberal Party of Australia senator. 1934), Australian politician, former Tasmanian senator; Thomas Owen Townley (1862-1935), Canadian politician, 8th Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia Half senate elections were held in Australia on 21 November 1970.Independents: Reginald Turnbull (Tasmania), Michael Townley (Tasmania, Liberal Party from Feb … Reginald Colin "Rex" Townley (1904-1982), Australian politician, Leader of the Opposition in Tasmania (1950-1956) Michael Townley (b. 66 Minute from A. W. ‘Sandy’ Russell (CSD) to Michael Townley (Cabinet Office), 19 Dec. 1977, TNA, BA 17/1196. Terry White Group. Michael Townley | Hobart, Tasmania, Australia | Engineer at Self-employed | 0 connection | View Michael's homepage, profile, activity, articles He was born in Hobart, Tasmania.. References Michael Townley. Chemical Institute – Tasmanian Branch. Tas … The 1964 election saw the ALP regain the seat previously held by the DLP. He served as a Senator for Tasmania from 1971 to 1987. This brought the total number of independents in the Senate to three, the other being Reg Turnbull of Tasmania. Michael Townley (born 4 November 1934) is a former Tasmanian senator. Ms Carey Spain. ... Mr Michael Townley. Dr Ashley Townsend. How about Xenophon … There were only five instances of a vote above 2%, though: Sherry, Saddler, John Coates (Tas, ALP #3, 3.4%) in 1984, Michael Townley (Tas, Lib #3, 2.8%) in 1984, and Sherry again (Tas, ALP #2, 2.3%) in 2001. In South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria, only the Liberal Party ran a ticket. Great work, thanks. Mr Geoff Weekes. In February 1975 he joined the Liberal party. Tourism Tasmania Michael Townley Ashley Townsend Barry Turner Christopher Turner Under Down Under Harry Van Bodegraven Mary Vanselow Christopher Vassall … Mr Onn Khuen Tang. This 5-4-1 split remained until the 1970 Senate election, when the ALP lost their fifth seat to conservative independent Michael Townley, producing a result of four Labor, four Liberal and two independents. Senator for Tasmania; In office 1 July 1971 – 5 June 1987: Personal details; Born 4 November 1934 (age 85) He was elected as an independent but joined the Liberal Party in 1975. Two independents were elected – Michael Townley of Tasmania and Syd Negus of Western Australia. Michael Townley (born 4 November 1934) is an Australian politician. Michael Townley (born 4 November 1934) is a former Tasmanian senator.He served both as an Independent and as a Liberal Party of Australia senator.. Townley was elected as an Independent Tasmanian Senator at the 1970 Half Senate election and the 1974 Double Dissolution Election.. Tenants Union of Tasmania.